Home Learning Partners

Home Learning Partners is a small home based program situated within Phoenix School on Saltspring Island.  It is a child centred program designed with you to meet your child’s needs.

For more information call:  Gerardine Charlton (250) 537 1864  or Boe Beardsmore, Principal (250) 537 1156  Registration Form

sshh I am reading

sshh I am reading

Our program in true island spirit focuses on community, nature and the arts. 
We foster a child-centred and collaborative approach to learning, and strive to empower our students with mastery and an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

  • supports and encourages diverse learning paths
  •  flexible programming
  •  strong relationships
  • multi-age groupings and connections.



The dragonfly image was created to represent our Home Learning Partners Program. It represents growth in new directions and  is  a symbol of change and transformation to North West Coast Aboriginal Peoples. The dragonfly’s ability to move in flight in six directions with power and poise helps represent our dynamic program.    



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